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How To Become A Ninja

This Page is to help you become a Ninja and get all the Belts along the way. Follow the guide below to make sure you become a Ninja quickly! Anyone can be a Ninja, Members and Non-Memebers alike. Follow these instructions carefully:

1.) Log-in to Club Penguin and go to the Dojo Courtyard. I sugest going to a low-populated server since the Dojo is normally full because many people want to become ninjas.


2.) Then, go through the huge double doors and you will be in the Dojo!

3.) Talk to the Sensei, he will give you a starter deck of cards for Card Jitsu.


4.) Battle the Sensei twice. You will lose and, most likely, not win a single game against the Sensei. The good thing that comes out of these two loses is that 2 more cards with the rank of 10 will be added to your deck!

5.. (Optional) Activate the code that comes with a pack of Trading Cards. You will get a new deck of cards for Card-Jitsu! The deck will even be stronger then your starter deck!

6.) This is a good strategy that will normally trick your opponet.

6.5.) Lead fire against your opponet, if he wins the trick with water, play fire again. Your opponet will most likely play Snow, and you will win a trick!

7.) Remember,

-Fire beats Snow

-Snow beats Water

-Water beats fire

-In the case of a suit tie, the higher number wins!


8.) Sensei says this but if you don’t look at it carefully, you will stand in the Dojo for 30 minutes not moving and make no progress! The Sensei put one of the old Club Penguin Myth’s to rest.

9.) The Number of wins you will need to go from belt to belt:

White belt – 5-7 wins

Yellow belt – Estimated 7-13 more wins

Orange belt – Estimated 8-14 more wins

Green belt – Estimated 9-15 more wins

Blue belt – Estimated 10-16 more wins

Red belt – Estimated 12-17 more wins

Purple belt – Estimated 13-18 more wins

Brown belt – Estimated 14-19 more wins

Black belt – Estimated 15-20 more wins.

10.) To gain the experience faster, talk to the Sensei and play Competition Mode. The Sensei will match you up with someone who is about your belt level


11.) The belt ranks are the following:


11.5.) White is the lowest belt, and Black is the highest belt! You will earn the Ninja Eye-Wear after you beat the Sensei!

12.) You can only beat the Sensei after you have one the Black-Belt. Once you have the Black-Belt, battle the Sensei. Lose the first 3 times on purpose, then, when battling the Sensei for the fourth time, play your highest card in your hand. You should win the card, then play another really high card. The pattern should continue like that!

Once you have the Ninja Mask, leave the Dojo and scroll your mouse over the cement covering.


Then you will have the entire world of a Ninja open to you. I hope this helps you to become one.


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