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Featured Igloos: June 12

Hey penguins!

Today Happy77 posted the Featured Igloos for June 12th! Here are the featured igloos:

Greetings Igloo Decorators!

You sent in some great Featured Igloo nominations. It was hard to choose just three, but here are a few of my top picks:

Darkice996 said: “I met this penguin named Drpenguin193. He has the COOLEST igloo I’ve ever seen! When it comes to gold – No one can beat him! PLEASE check it out! Thanks!”

Drpenguin193_edit.jpgBypitti Bop said: “Hey CP! Please please plz check out Janga Panga!! She has the best igloo ever!! Please you have to see it! Thanks waddle on CP!!”

Jangapanga_edit.jpgForest411 said: “You really have to check out my buddy’s igloo! He is Var3. He changes it A LOT. The first time I saw it he made it an airplane and the second time a kingdom! I hope you get to see them both but find it FAST! He might turn it into something else! Waddle On Cp!”

Var3_edit.jpgAs you may know, we just launched some new items for your igloo. Now you can turn your home into a cityscape to battle against the Super Villains, or Super Heroes!
We’d love to hear about the great Super Hero, or Super Villain igloos you’ve seen. Don’t forget to post the penguin name and why you think their igloo should be featured.

Waddle On! 🙂

-Club Penguin Team

I really like Drpenguin193’s igloo. I think it is cool! Which one is your favourite? Drop a comment and let me know!
-The News Guy

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