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Club Penguin Beta Team Cheats 2011 – Rollerscape

Hey penguins. Something really interesting was released today on Club Penguin. If you check out the Club Penguin community blog, you will notice that the word “Team” has been linked and is blue. If you go ahead and click the word you will be taken to Club Penguin Beta Team. Once you are there, you can sign in with your penguin name. Check it out…

Club Penguin Beta Team May 2011
The whole concept is really interesting and quite honestly, a little confusing and random. The whole thing is kind of coming out of the blue and I am really curious to see what all of this is leading to on Club Penguin. Aren’t you? Do you have any ideas?
you are in Club Penguin Beta Team, you can start entering in some commands. Type “Help” to be taken to Once the main menu and type in “ls” to be taken to a list of game. Once you are here, you can click on Rollerscape and try out the Secret Club Penguin game.

 Check out the following message that is located under Club Penguin Rollerscape..

I think this kind of gives away what exactly Club Penguin Beta Team will be. I think we will be able to test games and other things before they are released on Club Penguin. Possibly, this will only be open to a select number of penguins too, but we can’t be too sure. It is also cool because we can leave reviews and Club Penguin will eventually add things to the real game that get good reviews. Do you think that is cool? Leave a comment.

-The News Guy


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